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July 2009

Summer greetings from the Chester Trust . We hope you reveled in the winter wonderland and were able to do something with it besides redistributing it with a shovel!

Eight Bells: On a sad note ,one of our longest standing members, Mary Grant, passed on this year. She has been a long time supporter of the Trust since it’s inception. Her joie de vivre will be missed by all whom had the pleasure of her company. We also want to take a moment to remember our other long standing member, Sandy Spahr, who passed on last year. Her laughter and positive attitude is sorely missed.

Enclosed is a renewal form for your membership for 2010. Your continuing support of the Trust is crucial to maintaining our presence in the Village. As in the past years, this membership also includes your membership to VOCTADA. This group is responsible for many of the positive upgrades in the village and they would be delighted to have you at their meetings to add your input.

Chester is 250 years old!
This is a very exciting year. The Heritage society has planned many events to celebrate Chester’s birthday. Please see their calendar at The Chester Drama Society’s play “ A Brief History of Chester (May Contain Nuts)” opens July 9th. Not to be missed. The Heritage auction is July 11th. Always some great items to be bid on and if you have anything to donate, it would be greatly appreciated A re enactment of the Turncoat Victory will be held August 8th.

Lightfoot Tower:
Exciting news ! We have the engineer’s plans and they look marvelous. Please stop by the Mecklenburgh Inn and have a look at them. We are happy to hear any suggestions you may have. Thank you to all of you who have so generously donated towards this project. To date we have raised $19,000. This restoration will not happen overnight but it WILL be restored for all to enjoy again. Otto Van Barneveld has been incredibly helpful with us on this project.
We are having our 2nd annual social Wednesday August 5th from 4-6 pm at the Zoe Library grounds. There will be music, drinks and hors d’ouevres.
It’s a hat party ! Any type of hat will do. There are prizes for the most creative/fun hat, so plan your lid accordingly.

Chester Pictorial History books:
Sales are picking up due to the 250th anniversary of the Village. The Chester Garden Show is basing their theme on our book. Stop by the Chester Legion on Thursday July 9th and see what the gardeners have created. Many thanks to Paula MacDonald at Amicus Gallery for donating her commission of the book sales to the Tower project. To date we have sold 314 books, so the printing costs have already been recovered.

Summer speaker series:
New board member Lynn Cochrane has asked Donna Morrisey to speak to our members and their guests.

Donna Morrissey has written four vivid novels about life in Nfld. She has received awards in Canada, the U.S. and England with “Sylvanus Now” being shortlisted for The Commonwealth Prize. Reviewers have compared her depictions of Newfoundland’s terrain and people to the worlds summoned up by Hardy and Faulkner. Donna’s fiction has been translated into several different languages, and has proven especially popular in Japan, Holland and Germany. She is also a scriptwriter: Clothesline Patch (a short story) won a Gemini for best production, as well as the best picture prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Her latest novel, “What They Wanted” moves away from Nfld and onto the oil fields of Alberta, and has been hitting the best seller lists across the country.

This will be held Monday July 13th at 7:00 pm the Chester Yacht Club and we invite you all to attend. Bring your friends. Cash bar and hors d’oeuvres.

Mahone Islands Conservation Association:
“We are pleased to report that the Province of Nova Scotia, working in partnership with MICA, has committed to the purchase of Sacrifice Island.”
Membership is $10 and their work speaks for itself. They are committed to preserving our islands.
Mahone Islands Conservation Association
P.O. Box 427, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0

The Chester Trust AGM will be held at the Curling Club Tuesday August 11th at 5 pm.

See you on the water !

The Chester Trustees

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July 2008 Newsletter

To the members of the Chester Trust,

With many of you arriving in Chester for the 2008 summer season, it’s time for a Chester Trust update before our Tuesday, August 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM).

1. Proposed Mission statement and mandate revision

This winter we sent out a proposal to revise the mission for your review and comment. As you will recall, at that time we interpreted the mission as obligating the Board to perform excessive resident consultations before acting in pursuit of the ideals stated in the mission to “ensure the future growth of Chester along traditional and historic lines.”

In reviewing your feedback we, as a board, have backed away from our initial interpretation as having been extreme.

We will hold off on the mandate revisions and take a step back and ask you to review the mission and confirm that this organization’s purpose, as stated, still holds value for you. Value that you will support with your dues, your time, and some of your talent.

To this end we have attached a survey asking for your input into the Trust’s purpose and priorities moving forward for the next three years (2008-2010). Either respond to this email, include your completed survey in your membership renewal envelope, or send it separately to Box 800.

Note: We will post on the web site the original (undated) memorandum proposing the original mandate statement and the context that saw the creation of the Trust.

As a refresher, our mission statement is attached.
The Chester Trust has addressed many issues and opportunities since it was created. We started off as an informal lobby group to preserve the integrity of the Village and have since:

  • facilitated the sale of three Chester history books
  • fought (and lost) the Rafuse Island access issue
  • established guidelines for responsible recreational usage of the rails-to-trails progra
  • provided financial support to the island acquisition program of the Mahone Island Conservation Association lobbied municipal council on various zoning and environmental issues.

2. Board trustee and chair elections

At the 2008 AGM two trustee positions will be open for nominations from among the current membership. The position of chair will also be open for nomination from among the current membership and trustees.

The board meets approximately five times each year, as necessary. Current trustees and their residency status are: Suzi Fraser (semi-permanent), Anne MacDonald (permanent), John McCurdy (semi-permanent), Michael Mulrooney (permanent), Michael Peers (seasonal), Michael Dunn (seasonal-Halifax), and Stewart Spahr (seasonal).

Members can nominate other members for the trustee positions, and may nominate current members and Board trustees for the position of chair.

Nominations may be submitted in writing or email to the current Board chair in advance of the AGM, or nominations may be made from the floor at the AGM. Chester Trust members and Board trustees may nominate themselves. Nominees must be present at the AGM to accept their nominations and stand for election. Voting details and instructions will be outlined at the AGM.

3. Trust bylaw project

We are seeking a member to skim previous AGM minutes and compile the Trust’s bylaws into a stand alone document. From there, our web master can post the bylaws on the Trust site, making them available to all current and potential members.


I feel our co-membership with VOCTADA is important. Many of their objectives are in line ours. Here is their Mission: “ The association seeks to enhance our community through obtaining feedback from members, as well as the wider community, about improvements in our surroundings and seeking to have those improvements implemented and maintained.”
...Initial VOCTADA activities were Christmas wreaths around the Village, and hanging flower baskets now done by the Village Commission. Front Harbour renewal, the Back Harbour wharf, visitor signage, side walks and curbs in the Village T, tree planting, the art fair on the street, public safety, and a number of other initiatives, have been carried out by our members, done in collaboration with other groups, or by encouraging action by elected bodies...
They are a very active group, or should I say “we” as you are all members.

5. Lightfoot Observation Tower restoration reception

The Trust is sponsoring an afternoon social in the garden below the Lightfoot Observation Tower to kick off our tower restoration campaign.

• Wednesday August 6th, 5-6 p.m.
• Beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks will be served.
We hope you can attend and bring your family

The Lightfoot Observation Tower is on the Zoé Vallé library property on Regent Street, across from St. Stephen’s Anglican Church.

Information on the history of the Tower will be on display, Chester history books will be on sale (proceeds go to the tower restoration), and you are welcome to wander through the Zoé Vallé Library.

We are currently conducting the necessary research to restore the Tower to the same level of active public use that generations of Chester families and tourists enjoyed before it fell into disrepair. This research will tell us what the restoration will cost. It is currently off limits to the public as it is deemed unsafe.

If you’d like to help with the Tower restoration campaign, please let us know. Canadian tax receipts will be issued from the Municipality, the Tower’s owner.

Tower restoration update:

Our contracted engineer fell ill and we lost some time replacing him. We now have another local engineer who will work closely with the local building inspector to do the necessary restoration technical drawings at a cost of $5,100. We will need the members to approve this expenditure during the AGM. As it will be open to the public we have a lot of building code hurdles to navigate.

6. Chester history books – free delivery in Chester Village

These coffee table books are a great read and reference resource. Let us know if you’d like a few copies delivered to you while you are here.

7. AGM & Membership

Please invite your friends and neighbours to attend the AGM this year and learn about the Chester Trust. It is open to all. If they like what they hear, we welcome them to join. The cost of $50 per household, per year.

Please mark your calendars: 2008 Annual General Meeting
• August 12th, 5:00 p.m.
• Chester Curling Club on Pig Loop Road

Suzi Fraser
on behalf of the board of the Chester Trust

Chester Trust – Mission Statement

We are a community based group who endeavour to:

  • To encourage the future growth of the Chester area along traditional and historic lines.
  • To participate actively at all levels of government in pursuit of its objectives.
  • To present the views of both seasonal and permanent residents in town planning and other matters.
  • To utilize the breadth and width of experience of Chester’s residents in pursuit of its goals.
  • To encourage participation by as broad a spectrum of the community as possible.

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July 2007

Hello everyone!

Another year has raced by, summer is here and the boats are out on the race course. Below is a summary of recent events, issues and things we are working on.

157 Duke Street Rezoning Application

Municipal Council has agreed to rezone the property at 157 Duke Street from low-density residential to institutional to allow the development of a day care run by the Chester and Area Family Resource Centre.

Prior to this decision, the Chester Trust Board's winter representatives agreed with the Municipal Planning Director's report that the Duke Street application was in contravention to the current planning bylaw and development strategy. Given the Trust supported the strategy when originally introduced, and given the short time-frame under which the Council was reviewing the application (another winter rezoning application) we decided the Trust's mandate required us to ask the Council to adhere to the development strategy and enforce this important bylaw.

The Board's position drew both praise and criticism from members and non-members alike. We received 18 letters from Trust members in agreement with our position and two from members who disagreed.

The Board's advocacy position against the application surprised some people but was based on its interpretation of the Trust's mandate, precedent, and the Trust's founding purpose.

The Chester Trust was created to challenge what its founders considered bad municipal planning decisions. Indeed, the Trust actively and publicly supported the current Municipal Development Strategy and Land-Use Bylaw and other development and land-use issues.

The current Board believed the 157 Duke Street rezoning application was a potential precedent-setting challenge to the integrity and credibility of the much-needed strategy and bylaw. Based on the Trust's mandate and precedent, the Board decided to publicly advocate against this planning issue. The Board did not feel it was obligated to poll the Trust's members nor that such a poll was required, let alone feasible given time constraints of the winter public consultation process.

The Board's role is to manage the Trust's affairs around Trust interests and communicate with its members and other stakeholders. The Board takes its leadership responsibilities seriously and will not abandon leadership and its related risks. While some would have the Board play a less-contentious role of administering what would amount to a neutral information bureau, we feel to do so would render the Trust impotent and irrelevant. We believe Trust members want and deserve more for their membership dues than mere information that they could get from the Council website or office, or by reading the Chester Clipper.

Having immersed itself in this issue on behalf of its members, the Board learned that there are no guidelines in place to help Council address rezoning applications that are in violation of the Municipal Development Strategy and the Zoning Bylaw. Councilors have no decision-making framework to follow that ensures that the strategy gets implemented and that the bylaw is protected. Therefore, following Council's decision to allow the Duke Street rezoning application, the Board called on the Council to ask the Planning Advisory Committee to review this gap and make recommendations to Council to close it.

It is also important to note that the day after the public meeting on the rezoning application, the Board identified an operational issue with point three of its current mandate which is to "present the views of all residents, both seasonal and permanent, in town planning and other issues affecting our village."

As currently worded, such a requirement is patently unworkable as it would require the volunteer Board to secure not just member views, but those of each and every Chester resident on each and every town planning and other issue affecting the village, whenever such issues arose. Which brings us to the second topic: amending the mandate

Proposed Ammendments to the Trust Mandate

Given the learning experience provided by the Duke Street rezoning application, the Board felt the Trust's mandate requires the fine tuning outlined below to make the Trust more effective in doing its important work on behalf of its members.

Please review these proposed amendments and provide any comments, concerns or suggestions you may have in advance of the Trust's August 14th Annual General Meeting. At the meeting we will review, discuss and vote on the proposed amendments. The AGM begins at 5:00 p.m. at the Chester Curling Club.

Chester Trust vision: [new]

Ensure Chester Village maintains its unique charm and history as it grows and evolves.

Chester Trust mission:

  • To encourage the future growth of the Chester area along traditional and historic lines.

Modify to:

- Ensure Chester Village planning, development and growth respects, preserves and enhances this seaside community's unique charm and history.

  • To participate actively at all levels of government in pursuit of its objectives.

Modify to:

- To participate actively at all levels of government in pursuit of the Trusts' vision.

  • To present the views of both seasonal and permanent residents in town planning and other matters.

Modify to:

- Keep Chester Trust members and other relevant stakeholders informed of Chester Village planning and development matters relating to the Trust's vision.

Rationale for member consideration:

- The Trust Board should only be obliged to inform its members and those other stakeholders the Board considers relevant.

- We must assume that those joining the Chester Trust believe in its mandate. Therefore, the Board should not be obligated to present views of individual or groups of members. Instead, the Board, as stewards of the vision and mission, should be given the discretion to manage the Trust's affairs throughout the year in accordance with its vision and mission, confirmation of Board membership and role at the pending August AGM, and the fact that time-consuming member consultation can render the Trust impotent and ineffective in responding to urgent matters.

  • To utilize the breadth and width of experience of Chester's residents in pursuit of its goals.
  • To encourage participation by as broad a spectrum of the community as possible.

Chester Trust Board Roles

Watch Dog: To continuously monitor all developments, current and pending, that could affect the Village and its permanent and seasonal residents.

Modify to:

- To identify and monitor planning and development activities that relate to the Trust's vision and mission.

· Research: To investigate the ramifications of legal/administrative issues concerning these developments.

Modify to:

- To investigate and assess both the implications of planning, development and other activities relevant to the historic character of the Village and activities as they relate to the Trust's vision and mission, and potential Trust response requirements concerning these developments.

Communications: To isolate those developments which we perceive as warranting a polling of the membership as to their views on the involvement of Chester Trust.

Modify to:

- To advise the membership on matters relating to the Trust's vision, mission and activities, and – where necessary in the opinion of the board – calling members for input or action in support of the Trust's interests.

- This will be done by email only. There will be no "hard copies"

Rationale for member consideration:

- The Board should only be obliged to canvass the membership on matters affecting the nature and purpose of the organization. Managing the Trust's affairs through member referenda is costly, impractical, unworkable and could see the Trust caught up in administering polls rather than addressing the issues for which it was created.

- Again, we must assume that those joining the Chester Trust believe in its mandate. Therefore, the Board should not be required to poll members for permission to act on matters directly related to its vision and mission. Instead, the Board, as stewards of the vision and mission, should be given the discretion to manage the Trust's affairs throughout the year in accordance with its vision and mission, and the fact that time-consuming member consultation can render the Trust impotent in responding to urgent, relevant matters.

  • Rapid Deployment: To quickly and effectively bring Chester Trust's resources to bear on issues where the sense of the members is that action is required.

Modify to:

- To quickly and effectively bring Chester Trust's various material and human resources to bear on issues where a majority of the Board, in consideration of the Trust's vision and mission, considers that action is required.

In order to accomplish the final responsibility the Trustees belive that the Trust should actively support existing organizations which are in sympathy with our goals or by encouraging the formation of such residents' groups where none exist.

We believe that the means of carrying out Chester Trust's mission could involve any or all of the following, depending on the issue:

  • Regular interactive communication with our members.
  • Liaison/lobby with appropriate government and non-government bodies.
  • Attendance at local issue-oriented meetings.
  • Use of advertising and/or PR where it is felt they could be beneficial.
  • Encouragement of residents' meetings to discuss selected issues.
  • Resident-wide communication to promote interest and involvement in key issues.
  • With the permission of the majority of our members, retaining paid legal counsel in excess of two thousand dollars.

We strongly believe that in carrying out our mission and in assuming the responsibilities outlined above, Chester Trust must be continuously involved in the community and its future. Our role is not limited to the sunny summer months.

Walker Road (Back Harbour) Sewer

The sewer line is in and the road was paved in early June.

Chester Pictorial History Book Launch & Signing Event

We have sold 210 to date and are hosting an official book launch and signing event at the Chester Yacht Club on Friday July 27th from 6-8 pm. Proceeds from sales of the $50 books will help restore the Zoe Valle Tower. The book's authors will be on hand to answer questions and sign copies and there will be hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. Mandy Nauss be displaying and selling vintage photographs her grandfather Harvey Nauss has collected over the years. Harvey will also be there "God willing." We are also hoping to recruit some new members that evening so please come along, bring a friend and buy an autographed book.

Zoe Valle Tower Condition

We have been fortunate in having Gordon Luke, P. Eng, donate his time to evaluate the tower and suggest what is necessary for its restoration to a condition that is safe for public use. In short, the tower's wooden frame has considerable rot and needs attention if it is to be saved and restored. Please e-mail me for a copy of the report.

Lordly Park Playground Equipment

The Heritage Society has closed Lordly Manor due to its dire state of repair. The Heritage Society also deemed it prudent to erect modern childrens' playground at the south end of the property. The playground equipment was purchased and erected with funds from a private donation in conjunction with the Recreation Department and the Municipality of Chester.

While the playground is a well-used facility, there has been some concern over the placement of the playground on a Heritage Society property while the under-utilized Church Memorial Park could benefit from some landscaping and the addition of such equipment. Some residents feel this option would have been a more appropriate recreational area to develop since parents could entertain their tots while older children played tennis or hockey in adjacent facilities. Church Memorial Park also has existing bathroom facilities and parking. It should also be noted that the Lordly Park development happened without any public discussion so the Board was unable to keep you informed.

On another note, the Elementary School held their annual Bud Buster Fair in hopes to raise monies for a playground on their property which is adjacent to the Church Memorial Park.

There is yet more money available for the ‘revitalization' of Lordly Park. While plans for the park appear to shift, they have included at some point a dredging operation to make a pond and a safe toboggan run. At present plans remain vague although we will do our best to keep you informed of future development plans.

A Lordly Restoration

The recently reorganized Chester Municipal Heritage Society has engaged Halifax Architect Graeme F. Duffus, a well known heritage building conservation specialist , to oversee the restoration of Chester's historic Lordly House and the original, nearby Municipal building. Landscape architects and environmentalis have also been consulted and plans are afoot for the grooming and enhancement of Lordly Park in it's entirety. The restoration project which will accurately reflect the building's original design, construction, furnishings and

19 th century village life in Chester, is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2008. Information may be obtained by contacting Heritage Society members John McCurdy, Duncan McNeill or Frank Metzger at 275-3895.

VOCTADA: May 17th Meeting Summary

Here in point form is a summary of the VOCTADA meeting.

  • Kerry Keddy spoke on the tree planting beautification program. There were 20 sites listed as to where these trees were going. All good locations. The trees will grow to no more than 20 ‘ Olaf Petersen voiced concerns of the trees blocking view planes however there was only one location where this may happen (Ferry wharf) and Kerry plans to plant shrubs there, not trees.
  • Phil Ellwood summarized the recommendations made by the VOCTADA planning committee:
  1. Engage Municipal Council and Village Commission as partners
  2. Involve Chester area community groups
  3. Draw on sustainable development from UNSM (Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities) and the Province of NS
  4. Use a qualified facilitator
  5. Create a regular process for ratepayer participation in development spending and municipal budget
  • Presentation of the priorities list from the membership with what they see as important projects in the Village
  1. Policing
  2. Sustainable long term planning
  3. 2009 250th Anniversary of the Village
  4. Condition of streets and intersections
  5. Curb appeal (flower boxes etc) Recommended to approach the Chamber to have a business competition and the Garden Club to have a residential competition
  • These were the top five priorities (there were 14 more)
  • Adopt a highway program: Bluenose Coast wants to “adopt a highway” ie clean up between the Windjammer and Graves Island. That was sucessfully carried out on June 2nd.
  • Next meeting of VOCTADA is July 19th @ 7:30 pm at the Fire Hall.

H.Mahone Islands Conservation Association:

" We are very pleased to confirm that the Province of Nova Scotia has completed the purchase of Backmans and Coveys Islands through the Partnership Agreement with MICA.

Sincere thanks to everyone who supported the MICA fundraising campaign for these islands. Your generous contributions through donations, honored pledges and fund raising events have enabled us to meet our substantial financial commitment of $175,000 towards these purchases."

Chester Trust Membership & Renewal: Enclosed please find a renewal form. The fee is $50.00 per family. For the past two years we have integrated our membership with that of VOCTADA. In reviewing our mission, the board feels we were working towards different goals, and has decided to discontinue this association and allow our members to make their own choices regarding membership.

Thank you all for your membership and continued support.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:


Suzi Fraser, Chair

On behalf of the board:

John McCurdy (past Chair), David Booher, Michael Mulrooney, Michael Peers, Stewart Spahr, Michael Dunn, Anne Macdonald

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May 1st, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Another year has come and gone and now spring is almost here. . .almost. Thank you all for your membership and continued support.
Please check our website occasionally as we will continue to load pictures, information and VOCTADA news as it crops up. Also, remember the Chester Clipper is a wonderful medium to keep you up to speed. You can order your subscription at or by calling 902-275-5710

Happenings in the Village and things we are working on:

  • A. Mahone Islands Conservation Association. Chester Trust was pleased to donate $5000.00 to help MICA purchase Andrews Island which was finalized April 18th. They are currently working on the purchase of Backmans Island. Thank you all for coming on board with this decision.
  • B. Chester Pictorial History. The Trust has financed the reprint of the second edition of this book originally printed in 1983. The book remains very popular and highly sought after. The books are now available for $50.00 each. The proceeds will fund the new stairs at the Zoe Valle Tower. Please purchase one to help us with this project. Enclosed please find an order form, as we would like our members to have first crack at this third printing.
  • C. Zoning. Meetings have been held as of late regarding commercial zoning along Route 3. At present there is a moratorium on commercial zoning. Check back on our link to the municipality for updates. Save Easy is expanding into Terry Bremner's Service Centre. Terry has moved his business to the Common's Road next to GN Plastics. VOCTADA has had meetings with Loblaws Food Chain with regards to the architectural design of the new Save Easy to ensure it is in keeping with the architectural integrity of the village.
  • D. Haddon Hall Property. Sold this winter to Carl Potter who owns the adjoining horse farm. Currently zoned "rural". They are clearing trees this month but I haven't heard any scuttle as to what is happening with regards to the property. Haddon Hall is closed.
  • E. Vandalism. Things have calmed down in the village but the temperature has dropped also. The RCMP detachment has moved to Highway 103.
  • F. This from our MLA Judy Stretch...
    Just wanted to keep in touch and update you on how things are going from my perspective!
    We continue to work with DOT via the Minister's Office as well as Eric Gillis, Area Supervisor for Chester, regarding stop signs and speed bumps. I've raised both issues and the Municipality has as well so we'll hopefully have some answers regarding these two issues soon.
    I spoke with Angie Zinck from the Progress Enterprise on Monday about the need for more volunteers for the COP programs in our communities. She is doing a follow up story and will likely be in contact with you.I know Aidree would really appreciate new volunteers in each community so I'm including a call for new bodies in my monthly column in the upcoming newspapers.
    Council has 3 cameras in operation now I understand in the downtown area.
    The RCMP have been very vigilant in their presence and I think that along with the natural decrease in population at this time of the year in the Chester area has really cut back on the problems.
    Of course, the challenge for us all, is how do we keep it up over the winter months and then avoid repeating the same next summer?
    Answer? Increased community involvement along with the increase in RCMP presence will definitely mean less crime and vandalism.
    I hope too, that people will take advantage of the program Aidree spoke about for the youth - spurs and stetsons I think it was called - all four of my kids will be taking part!!
    I'll continue to stay in touch
  • G. Judy Stretch MLA
    VOCTADA is still trying to organize an information meeting before the end of May to review what has and will be done regarding vandalism in the Village such as:
    * RCMP patrols in the Village three nights a week.
    * Vigilant motor vehicle checks on cars racing through the Village.
    * Cooperation with other agencies on the South Shore trying to help youth.
  • H. Back Harbour Sewer Update from John McCurdy:
    In August, it became public knowledge that a number of sewers were flowing untreated into the Back Harbour from residents of the Back Harbour Road. A meeting of all residents was called to discuss the matter. In attendance was the Village Engineer (chair), a representative of the Department of Environment, and our Councillor, Gail Smith.
    A suggestion that the sewer be run under water was rejected as too expensive

    Two options were presented:
    1. Everyone must be on sewer.
    2. Everyone must install septic systems or holding tanks.

    The consensus of the meeting was that people want ed the sewer line. However, they wanted it to run only as far as "Starboard" and "Larboard" cottages. The Department of Highways agreed not to widen the road in the process of installing the sewer.
    A letters to all residents of the Back Harbour Road was sent out by the Engineer asking them for their preference.
    Stay tuned.
  • I. The Yacht Club. See pictures on the website for the current look. The building is almost finished and will be ready for the upcoming season.High Tide has been sold to a buyer in Maine. She left here on a truck in October. Very sad.
  • J. Rafuse Island. Still in the hands of lawyers. Chester Trust has engaged Peter Green to investigate this further.
  • K. VOCTADA AGM update. Meeting was held Nov 17th/05. Bruce Forest spoke on several issues that the Municipality is working on: A skateboard park; a sidewalk on highway 3 by Tim Horton's area; public garbage/recycling bins will be put out in the spring; roping off a swimming area at Freda's beach; permission has been granted to dredge the Canal but it will cost $65,000.00 so the village is looking for alternatives; replacing 2 downtown trees, one by the ferry dock and one by the NSPC.
    There was discussion about putting public toilets at the parking lot on Valley Rd. Also discussion on educating summer residents on how to separate garbage.You can pick up a flyer at the Municipality Office that will educate you more than your wildest dreams on how to manage your garbage. Also there is also a service available in Chester that will clean out your green bins bi weekly.
    The next VOCTADA meeting will be held May 18th at 7:30pm at the Chester Fire Hall
  • L. Dues: Enclosed please find the membership renewal form and return envelope. The rate is still $35 CAD and includes a membership to VOCTADA. Please renew as a strong membership is vital to our growth.

I think that's it for the news. Please feel free to contact me if you and any questions, concerns or comments.

Suzi Fraser

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